App Service Overview

c-2-c mobile classified ad service

A modern c-2-c mobile classified ad service without any tricks, no sneaky payment models, no silly fabrications. 100% in your mobile.Just like Instagram just in your mobile, so you always have the MoobiTrade service with you wherever you go, as long as the battery lasts.


Go Mobile

MoobiTrade prime target user group is mobile users, and although still allowing for non-mobile devices to access the service, the mobile user experience has therefor been the prime focus


Why We?

MoobiTrade does not require payment on the creation of classifieds, instead a publisher is only required to pay a micro amount when the item is sold/fulfilled to users who has admitted interest for the classified.


How to do it

Social log in via Facebook or Google+ makes it easier and safer to know who buys and sells to.


Location Based

One can find a vaste range of up-to-date classifieds for multiple categories of items and services in your local geographical area.

Remarkable Features

We provide the best User Experience

Unique Design

The mobile application is made so unique for the best user experience.



Understanding the app is easy as it is based mainly on posting adds


Lightning Fast

The application is very fast to access and we left no stone to provide best quality classified app


Safe transactions

The app is secure and the transactions between the user is made secure and safe


Lovely UI design

The user interface design is made keeping all the age groups in mind


Many more features

There are several other features in the app that will provide best experience and satisfaction

Detailed Information

Once registered, a user can publish adds for free by sharing his location. Although MoobiTrade aims for a fully automated process, MoobiTrade has identified a need for a human action in the process and this is to validate a classified before being published. The main reason for this is to minimize the illegal content that otherwise might be published thru the service.



Members register in the app using his social logins to check the advertisements in the system and shows intrest to buy them



Those who shows interst to post an add can create a free account and publish it.

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Some sample screenshots of our system is shown below

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